Кабель межблочный аналоговый RCA Van den Hul The Name 1.5 m

11050 ₽
  • Производитель: Van den Hul
  • Модель: The Name 1.5 m


The Grail - Van den Hul B.V. - High End Cables, Phono ...

Межблочный кабель из посеребренной бескислородной меди, длина 1.5 метра.

Van den Hul Grail SE Phonostage - The Absolute Sound

- high end cables, phono cartridges and electronics so when i learned that van den hul had come out with a new, deluxe version of its balanced grail se, i was most eager to try it. I had already heard effusive comments on the audio grapevine about van den huls entry-level phonostage, which is called the grail and retails for 9750. Van den hul the grail se phono preamplifier van den huls the grail se (28,900) is a super deluxe upgraded version of the 7950 the grail phono preamp reviewed in the august 2018 stereophile. (there is also a non-plus se version, which is 2900 cheaper than the se, footnote 1. ) van den hul the grail phono preamplifier is a really dulcet phonograph preamplifier, specifically designed bearing ultimate performance and reliability in mind

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